Looking for ways to increase sustainability and minimise the environmental impact of your building, construction or landscaping project, while keeping costs down and increasing profitability?

The answer lies in recycled concrete products – here are six great reasons why you should use these versatile materials in your next project.

1. Recycled concrete is economical

Probably the number one reason why it makes sense to use recycled concrete products rather than fresh quarry materials is the cost. Although prices may vary between suppliers, recycled concrete prices are usually lower than those of their quarry counterparts.

Not only are recycled materials cheaper than virgin aggregates, they are also generally lighter in weight, so you get more product for your money.

2. Recycled concrete is sustainable and environmentally friendly

A strong focus on sustainability and minimising environmental impact are no longer “nice to have” approaches to construction, building and landscaping. They have become essential elements that developers and clients actively look for when selecting companies for their projects.

Hence, your choice to use recycled concrete could actually give you the edge over your competitors. Why? Because by using recycled products, you’re reducing your company’s environmental footprint by reducing waste and keeping natural rocks in the ground.

3. Recycled concrete is highly compactable

Recycled concrete is ideal as a base material under roads, driveways, paths and concrete slabs and pads. It’s very compactable and provides a firm foundation with a flat finish that forms the ideal barrier between ground and surface layers.

Plus, these robust materials (particularly recycled crusher dust ) can take a lot of weight, which means they can be used under slab and beneath water tanks, containers and temporary site offices.

4. Recycled concrete is porous and good for drainage

Recycled concrete is also great for surfacing unsealed roads, driveways and walk ways. During the recycling process, clean concrete is crushed into uniform pieces creating a porous material that allows rainwater to permeate the ground beneath it, minimising run-off. This means more rainwater enters the water table and less is lost to evaporation.

Recycled concrete aggregates perform just as well as their natural rock counterparts when it comes to providing drainage, making them ideal for use in trenches and drainage ditches. They can also be used as a base layer at the bottom of raised garden beds where they provide excellent drainage.

5. Recycled concrete is strong and long-lasting

Strong and durable recycled concrete aggregates are ideal for use as backfill for retaining walls. They provide good drainage, support the soil and ensure that the wall does not collapse.

Larger recycled concrete aggregates can also be used in gabion baskets to form walls, screens or fences.

6. Recycled concrete is aesthetically pleasing

Recycled concrete aggregates have their own unique appeal and can serve as decorative features in landscaping projects, particularly in rock gardens and/or surrounding trees and hardy plants.

They also work well as a longer lasting option compared with organic garden mulch.

Recycled concrete materials are cheaper, more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and function just as well as their quarry counterparts.

Our takeaway

Recycled concrete products are economical, environmentally friendly and suited to a wide variety of applications in civil, commercial, residential and landscaping projects.

For best results, choose only premium recycled concrete aggregates, particularly in highly visible areas, decorative work and construction applications. Find your ideal material within our range of high grade products. 

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