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Save money, and the environment, with recycled aggregates – suitable for drainage, ground water management and erosion control, foundations, surfacing, support, and more.

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Delivering excellent performance at affordable prices, our wide range of recycled aggregates includes a variety of sizes (from 5 mm through to 100 mm) and a 50:50 concrete blend.

Suitable for a host of construction, drainage, erosion control, concrete manufacturing, foundation, and volume stability applications.

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5 mm Recycled Aggregates

Increase profits and save money while doing your bit for the environment with our 5 mm recycled aggregate. Strong and durable with excellent compaction properties, it forms incredibly smooth surfaces. Ideal for concreting, pipe bedding, back filling for trenches and retaining walls and as a base layer beneath tanks, slabs, pads, pavers, parking lots and roads.

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Recycled -7mm

7 mm Recycled Aggregates

This affordable and environmentally sustainable material offers excellent compactability making it ideal for use as a base layer beneath water tanks, containers, underslab, concrete slabs and pads, roads and walkways. It is also useful as backfill for retaining walls and as a support for pipework. Outstanding drainage properties make it a popular choice for lining drainage pits, all-weather access roads, truck driveways, and as a drainage layer in planters or gardens.

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Recycled - 10mm

10 mm Recycled Aggregates

This is our most popular size. It’s lightweight (so you get more product for your money) and ideal for use in areas where good drainage is required. It’s also great for back filling retaining walls, base layers beneath slabs and pads, and as bedding material for tanks and pipes. Get yours delivered today.

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Recycled Concrete - 20mm

20 mm Recycled Aggregates

More affordable than rock aggregate, recycled concrete also helps reduce environmental impact. Ideal for use in applications such as backfilling retaining walls, mattress rock, supporting pipes, drainage, managing ground water and preventing erosion.

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Recycled - 40mm

40 mm Recycled Aggregates

Made from recycled concrete instead of natural rock, these aggregates are more affordable and environmentally sound. As well as providing excellent ground water management, they are ideal for use as low-cost support and drainage layers on site access roads, assisting with drainage and reducing the amount of contamination transferred from construction/demolition sites onto the adjacent roads. They also provide cost-effective backfill for retaining walls, drainage pits, and trenches.

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Recycled - concrete blend

Concrete Blend
( 50% crusher dust : 50% 10 mm concrete)

Our concrete blend is a pre-mixed blend of crusher dust and 10 mm concrete in a 50:50 ratio. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of concreting applications in civil, commercial, industrial and residential construction and landscaping projects.

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