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Used extensively in a diverse range of applications throughout civil construction, building, commercial and residential developments as well as in landscaping projects, natural rock is prized for its physical and structural properties as well as for its aesthetic qualities.

The wide variety of natural textures, colours and patterns in these materials give each project a unique appearance and beauty. As a result, stone has featured in the construction of public buildings, hotels, temples, churches, retaining walls, civil construction and commercial developments for centuries and, more recently, has become a popular choice for residential homes too.

The appearance of rock may be shaped and influenced by the fabrication and finishing processes, creating textures that vary from rough and flamed to smoothed and polished surfaces, each with their own appeal.

Weathering may also alter the colour and appearance of rocks – limestone for instance changes when exposed to external conditions, while granite retains its colour and form even in the toughest of conditions.

When choosing rock for your project, it’s important to select the right type of rock for the particular application. Hardness and porosity should be taken into consideration when selecting rocks or boulders and rocks should be treated properly to ensure that their natural beauty lasts for a lifetime.

To this end, rocks should be cleaned and prepped using only approved and tested cleaning products and sealed with a high quality penetrating sealer to protect them from acids that may bleach or etch the rock surface.

An adequate foundation should be laid to ensure that rocks are properly supported.

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A Grade Sanstone

Sandstone Block – A Grade

Our A-grade sandstone blocks deliver natural beauty and durability in a variety of commercial, civil construction, landscaping and residential settings. They are frequently sought-after for use in retaining walls, garden walls and buildings, and as school, park or fire pit benches.

As these blocks are excavator cut, they offer a more uniform shape and more accurate sizing than wheel sawn B grade blocks.

If you’re after high grade sandstone blocks to enhance your site, simply get in touch to place your order. Our experienced drivers will deliver your sandstone to your site safely and on time.

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B Grade Sanstone

Sandstone Block – B Grade

Our high quality B-grade sandstone blocks are wheel sawn and provide an excellent solution to those looking for economical sandstone blocks that still deliver durable and attractive finishes.

Cheaper than concrete blocks, these blocks have a more natural and beautiful appearance. These versatile blocks are used in buildings, walls, retaining walls, seats, fire pits, and more.

Looking for cost-effective high grade sandstone blocks to enhance your site? Simply let us know how many blocks you’d like, and our experienced delivery drivers will ensure that your blocks arrive safely and on schedule.

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150/300 Split Rock

Also known as protection rock, rock armour or rip-rap, these granite rocks range in size from 150 mm up to 300 mm. They’re used to protect shoreline structures against scour, water, wave or ice erosions.

150/300 Split Rock is used extensively on shorelines, streambeds and bridge abutments as well as in foundational infrastructure supports.

The heavy weight and large scale of this material make it ideal for reinforcing the banks of ponds, rivers, and lakes, as well as controlling erosion.

The bulky nature and uneven sizes of these rocks makes it difficult to walk across this material, which is why cities and property owners use it to keep pedestrians away from certain areas, such as along river banks where currents can be treacherous.

Their durability and natural attractiveness make these materials popular for use in landscaping as garden edges and retaining walls.

Get in touch with our team today and have 150/300 split rock delivered directly to your site by our professional drivers.

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Granite gravel road texture. Natural crushed stone background. Grey copy space surface with granite, gravel or rock

300/500 Split Rock

Due to their durability and natural appeal, these rocks are used to prevent or mitigate soil erosion as well as in garden edging, landscaping and retaining walls.

Also known as armour rock, these rocks are hard, long-lasting and resistant to chemical attack, making them ideal for use in pipe crossings and revetment applications, including the protection of canal banks and bridge piers, and shore stabilisation, as well as for shoring up pads on commercial, civil, landscaping and residential sites.

Shapes and colours vary and sizes range from 300 mm to 500 mm. Talk to our friendly team today about getting the right rocks for your project and we’ll deliver them directly to your site.

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pile of large stones

500/800 Natural Granite Boulder

These naturally round granite boulders are excellent for use in garden edges, beside pools or ponds, at entryways and in retaining walls. Each boulder is unique and sizes vary, so for projects where you are attempting to create a particular design or follow a theme, we recommend a visit to our site where our friendly team will help you select the ideal rocks to create your desired effect.

Although these rocks are large and cannot be transported by trailer or ute, there will be no hassles getting them to your location thanks to our experienced team of drivers. We’ll make sure your chosen boulders arrive safely and on time.

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Rocks 600 to 1000

600/1000 Split Rock

Also known as armour stone, this material comprises granite rocks of varying shapes and ranging in size from 600 mm to 1000 mm.

Due to their durability and resistance to weather, these rocks are typically used in sea breakwall construction, in revetment applications and to prevent or mitigate soil erosion.

They are also used in retaining walls and to block access to particular areas. Their natural beauty makes them excellent for use as decorative landscaping features.

Looking for attractive, durable, low-maintenance rocks for your construction, infrastructure, building or landscaping project? Simply call our friendly team and we’ll make sure your rock gets delivered to your site safely and on time.

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Rock - 800+ Natural Granote Boulder

800+ Natural Granite Boulder

Our stunning granite boulders are naturally smooth with appealing orange, brown and cream tones. These very large (800 mm plus) boulders will enhance any commercial, civil or residential development or landscape.

Each one is unique and will absolutely make a statement within your landscape. Due to their natural beauty, they are frequently used around pools and ponds or as garden features and entry ways.

These rocks are very large and cannot be moved by hand or transported by ute or trailer, but that’s no problem at all. Our team of experienced delivery drivers will ensure that your rocks arrive safely and on schedule at your South East Queensland site.

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