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Get high grade crushed rock delivery for your civil, construction, landscaping or residential project delivered promptly to your site.

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Our comprehensive range of high-quality crushed rock range in size from 5 mm through to 300 mm. So, you’re sure to find the ideal crushed rock to suit your construction, drainage, erosion control, concrete manufacturing and volume stability requirements.

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Rock Aggregate - 5mm drainage

5 mm Crushed Rock

Ideal for use as drainage gravel, backfilling retaining walls, supporting pipes, adding to concrete, managing ground water and preventing erosion, and as a decorative ground cover for driveways, walk ways and gardens.

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Rock Aggregate - 10mm drainage

10 mm Crushed Rock

Made from crushed rock sourced from local quarries, this excellent drainage gravel is also ideal for use in concrete mixtures, backfilling retaining walls, lining drainage pits, and as a drainage layer in planters or gardens.

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Rock Aggregate - 20mm Drainage Gravel

20 mm Crushed Rock

Extremely robust, this locally sourced gravel offers excellent drainage and is incredibly versatile and used as a base for driveways, walk ways and concrete slabs in commercial, residential and landscaping projects.

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Rock Aggregate - 75mm

75 mm Crushed Rock

This highly versatile gravel is the standard aggregate used in civil, commercial and residential construction and landscaping projects. It provides excellent drainage, assists with ground water management, and prevents soil erosion. Uses include backfilling retaining walls and trenches, surfacing roads, driveways and pathways, lining rubble pits, and pipe bedding.

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small stone

75 mm – 100 mm Crushed Rock

Comprising larger rocks, this aggregate offers superior ground water management and drainage and is a popular choice for residential, civil, industrial and commercial construction projects where it is used in retaining walls, mattress rock, bank stabilisation, and swale drains. These aggregates also create striking effects in landscaping projects.

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Rock Aggregate 100 150mm

100 mm – 150 mm Crushed Rock

In addition to providing excellent drainage on commercial, civil, residential and industrial sites, these larger rock aggregates are commonly used to fill gabion baskets and as backfill for trenches and retaining walls. They are also used to provide support for pipes, truck driveways, all-weather access roads and concrete slabs.

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Rock Aggregate - 150 to 300

150 mm – 300 mm Crushed Rock

Locally sourced and delivered directly to your site, our large rock aggregates are ideal for landscaping, commercial, residential and civil projects. They’re used in gabion baskets, ponds and water features, garden bed edges and hand-pitched walls as well as providing drainage, managing ground water, and preventing erosion in dry creek and river beds.

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