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High grade organic mulch delivery for landscaping, civil, commercial or residential construction projects

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Reduce watering requirements, suppress weeds, keep soil well nourished, and enhance the aesthetics of your site.

Simply select the mulch that best suits your needs, and we’ll deliver it to your site.

Organic mulch is made from natural materials. It forms a protective layer over soil, which assists in water retention, suppresses weed growth and keeps soil and plant roots cool. It also adds beneficial nutrients to the soil and makes the landscape look more attractive.

Made from shredded or chipped bark, wood and leaves, our organic mulches decompose over time. This boosts the organic content of the soil and helps to improve soil structure, drainage and nutrient-holding capacity.

Drier, woodier mulches decompose more slowly and deliver fewer nutrients to the soil than softer mulches.

We only supply clean, weed, seed, pest and chemical free mulches to ensure that your landscape project remains neat, tidy and uncontaminated.

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Forest Mulch

Forest Mulch

Forest mulch is made up of small fragments of wood chip generated when branches are passed through a woodchipper. It usually contains chips from a variety of different trees and may contain greenery and small twigs.

Ideal for gardens and landscaping projects, this mulch forms a protective layer over soil, locking in moisture, preventing evaporation and reducing watering requirements. It also keeps the ground moist and cool and is an excellent natural weed suppressant.

Long lasting and very attractive, this mulch can be applied to beds at any time of the year making it an excellent choice for most civil, commercial, residential and landscaping projects.

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Hardwood chip

Hardwood Chip

As the name implies, this mulch is made from hard wood. It is slow to decompose, long lasting and very economical.

Hardwood chip mulch facilitates water penetration into the soil and helps the soil to retain moisture, reducing watering requirements. It also suppresses weeds and keeps soil cool, preventing it from becoming hardened by heat.

This golden ground cover offers a highly affordable and attractive layer of protection that is suitable for a wide variety of landscaping projects.

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Hoop pine mulch

Hoop Pine Mulch

This curly brown mulch has a rough texture and varies in colour from dark brown to red with flashes of deep pink. It has a chunky consistency with few fine particles and is ideal for plant and soil health.

Hoop pine mulch is popular amongst landscapers, some of whom refer to it as the ‘pinnacle of mulches’. In this mulch, hoop pine bark interlinks perfectly, without matting to form barriers against water penetration, and holds on in almost any conditions. As a result, it is ideal for heavily wind-swept areas or steep embankments where other mulch types may be blown or washed away.

This mulch allows immediate water penetration into the root zone, while helping the soil to retain moisture. It breaks down over time introducing healthy organic matter and nutrients into the substrate.

Hoop pine mulch is also great for keeping weeds at bay.

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Eco Bark 1

Eco Bark

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to bark mulches? Eco Bark mulch delivers an economical solution. It retains soil moisture, improves soil fertility and enhances the appearance of garden beds and landscapes, while delivering some weed growth suppression (when laid to 100 mm thickness).

Eco Bark comprises a combination of leaves and tree parts from a variety of species. The mulch includes fine particles and small-medium wood chips. It has a fine texture (although this may vary depending on the type of trees included in the mix) and a rich dark appearance, making it an attractive option for landscaping, civil, commercial and residential developments.

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Red Mulch

Red Mulch

The rich vibrant red colour of this mulch makes it a favourite amongst gardeners and landscapers. Made from 100% Cypress, shot through with a natural dye to give it’s characteristic colour, this high-end mulch is used extensively in civil and commercial projects to add the finishing touches around buildings and alongside roads, and throughout residential developments.

Since the colour is ground into the mulch rather than soaked onto it, red mulch retains it’s colour for much longer than other mulches.

Our premium red mulch not only delivers a striking effect that will make your site stand out from the rest, it also offers a wide range of benefits including excellent soil protection, reduced watering requirements as it helps the soil to retain moisture, natural termite resistance, and a pleasant fresh Cypress fragrance.

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Tea Tree MUlch

Tea Tree Mulch

A by-product of the tea tree oil extraction process, tea tree mulch has a fresh fragrance and a pleasant rich dark colour that will enhance any commercial, residential or landscaping site.

In addition to providing excellent protection to the soil, deterring weed growth and assisting with moisture retention, tea tree mulch has a repellent effect on termites. It contains a wide variety of plant nutrients (including nitrogen, phosphorus and potash), which it yields to the soil as it decomposes.

Our tea tree mulch is free of chemicals, pests, seeds and weeds. It is worm-friendly and improves the structure of soil.

This mulch will not overheat nearby plants or draw moisture away from where it is needed. Instead, it enhances moisture retention, reducing the need for watering, while providing a fresh, natural look and feel to your landscape.

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