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Main roads specification certified high quality road bases delivery for your road and civil construction project

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Our top-grade road base provides exceptional support and longevity under the toughest conditions

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High quality road base is essential for the success of civil construction, commercial, residential and landscaping projects involving heavy surfaces, such as asphalt, tarmac, concrete slabs, and pavements.

Road base materials are designed to compact into a solid base that acts as a support for pathways, roads, water tank or shed slabs, or wherever a compactable area is required. For your convenience, we supply premium main roads specification-certified road base materials and deliver them directly to your site.

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Road Base - CBR 15

CBR 15 (MR 2.5) Road Base

CBR 15 offers excellent compaction and support. Main road specification certified, it is made up of crushed rock fines and 25 mm blue metal aggregates. It is suitable for use under concrete pads and slabs, road surfaces and under asphalt.

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CBR 45 (MR 2.3) Road Base

This main road specification certified road base contains a mixture of crushed rock fines and 20 mm blue metal gravel aggregates. The result is a highly compatible road base that delivers excellent support, drainage and longevity. Suitable for main roads and under slabs and pads where higher bearing ratings are required.

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CBR 80 (MR 2.1) Road Base

This well-graded material is main road specification certified and consists of course and fine aggregates to maximise compaction. It is highly compactable and suitable for main roads, pavements, parking lots and underslab applications that require a higher bearing rating.

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