Crusher Dust

Cost effective and versatile, our high grade crusher dust is ideal for landscaping, civil construction, commercial or residential projects

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Get a smooth finish and reduce moisture damage to paving stones and pavers with high-quality crusher dust

Whether you choose blue, recycled or grey crusher dust, you’re assured of excellent load-bearing capabilities and durability

Crusher dust consists of the dust and fragments generated during the rock crushing process. It is a natural product and is usually made up of many different shapes, sizes and colours of rock fragments.

A cost-effective compactable packing material suitable for stabilising surfaces prior to paving, it is easy to work with, spread and level.

The excellent load bearing capabilities of these materials make them ideal for use under concrete slabs. When crusher dust settles, the smaller particles fill the gaps beneath slabs. The material becomes tightly packed, leaving a smooth stable surface and preventing shifting, moving and pothole formation over time.

It is also non-porous, which means that it stops water from heavy rains seeping below the slab, reducing the risks of waterlogging, leaching of minerals into nearby soil, and shifting and damage to slabs.

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Crusher Dust - BLUE

Crusher Dust – Blue

Also known as blue metal dust or cracker dust, blue crusher dust is a by-product of blue metal aggregate crushing at quarries. This highly compactable material comprises fine dust mixed with small fragments of stone (usually no more than a couple of millimetres in diameter). Crusher dust may be used alone or mixed with dry cement powder.

It is perfect for use beneath artificial turf installations, under tank pads and concrete slabs, and on path ways and driveways. It is great for backfilling trenches and as a packing material around water tanks.

Do not use this dust as a base directly beneath pavers as it may cause staining. Ideally, a layer or river sand should be placed between the crusher dust and the pavers.

Crusher dust can also be blended with natural sands to improve concrete shrinkage and water demand and mixed with cement to make it more durable.

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Crusher Dust - RECYCLED

Crusher Dust – Recycled

Made from recycled concrete fines, recycled crusher dust is economical and an excellent compacting material. It compacts to form a very strong smooth surface, making it ideal for use as a base layer to support concrete slabs, tank pads, parking lots and driveways. Recycled crusher dust can also be used to backfill trenches, as a packing material around water tanks.

It may be used as a base for pavers, provided a layer of river sand separates the two as it may stain certain pavers.

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Crusher Dust - Grey

Crusher Dust – Grey

Used for road and driveway compaction, as a bedding material for pipes, and to provide drainage in a variety of construction and landscaping settings, grey crusher dust is composed of a mixture of basalt, bluestone, granite, and igneous rock.

It makes an ideal base for sheds, water tanks, driveways, and paths. If you’re using crusher dust as a firm base beneath a water tank, it’s a good idea to add a layer of river sand to ensure a smooth finish to your base layer before positioning the water tank.

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